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Clay Lane Water Treatment Works, Bushey

On a visit to Reveley Lodge gardens I drove by this fantastic modernist structure on Clay Lane in Bushey and had to double-back for another look. Officially called the Three Valleys Water treatment works, the site is owned by Affinity Water and also houses its education centre.

The structure resembles an art deco swimming pool from the outside, but a web search yields next to nothing about its history, or any interior images. If you know more, please get in touch ….

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  1. Peter Borrough Peter Borrough

    My father was involved in the water treatment design of this structure and I often visited the construction site with him as a young boy in the 1950s. The main contractor was Holloway Brothers which became part of the Lang Group. My father worked for Paterson’s who supervised aspects of the construction. I do not who was responsible for the architecture. I cannot remember the outside of the building but well remember the indoor filter beds and the “pipe valley” below them. Watching the cleaning of the filters was great when water was pumped through then backward

    • Thanks Peter for your comment. I chanced upon the building when trying to find a parking space. There’s also some intriguing (and very large) private houses further up Clay Lane, and lots of hidden gems from various architectural eras in Bushey. If you find out any more about the treatment works, do let me know!

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